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How Landscaping Helps Support Your Brand’s Image

The benefits of commercial landscaping go beyond curb appeal…

Branding helps create an emotional bond between you and your customers, giving them a reason to choose you over your competitors. But if your outdoor spaces are unkept and don’t reflect your brand’s image, they’ll think twice about stopping in — despite your beautiful logo and shiny new website.

In a world where there is little differentiation between most products or services, appearances matter. Customers rely on branding to help make their buying decisions, so that’s why landscaping is so important. An attractive, well-maintained landscape instills trust and lets your customers and clients know that you take pride in your company while attracting potential clients to your front door. 

Who wants to patronize a company that shows outward signs of neglect? If they care so little for their landscape and their image, how can we trust they’ll take care of us? 

In this blog post, we will explore the impact landscaping has on brand image and how businesses can leverage it to leave a lasting impression on customers.

Show people you care about your business

When you approach a business, the first thing you notice is how well-kept the property is. If you’re stepping over trash and passing gardens full of weeds, you get the impression that they don’t care about their business… so why should you? 

A visually appealing and well-maintained landscape conveys a sense of professionalism, attention to detail and level of care that makes people willing to pay a premium for living, working or shopping there. 

Tenants want a beautiful place to live, commercial tenants want a property that attracts people to their store, and customers want a pleasurable experience. A great landscape sets the tone of their experience with you, whether they're conscious of it or not.

Create a memorable first impression

With online shopping becoming more popular than ever, brick-and-mortar businesses have to make the shopping experience worth getting off the couch for — so be memorable! 

Your landscape is the first thing customers and potential clients see when they approach your front door, so making a good impression is vital to the success of your business. People are attracted to beautiful things… including beautiful landscapes. Here’s how to make sure your landscape measures up.

• Keep the grass mowed and apply fertilizer for a lush, green lawn.

• Mulch and edge flower beds to keep them neat and tidy and discourage weeds.

• Sweep up trash and debris from sidewalks and parking lots.

• Trim trees and bushes so they maintain their appearance and don’t present a safety hazard.

• Keep paths and walkways clear by managing snow and ice in the winter months.

Reflect your brand values

Landscaping provides an opportunity to align your outdoor space with your brand values and messaging. For example, if your brand promotes sustainability and environmental awareness, incorporating native plants, eco-friendly practices, and water-saving features showcases your commitment to these principles. 

By integrating your brand's core values into your landscape design, you reinforce your message and establish a strong brand identity.

Enhance your property’s curb appeal

Everyone knows the value of curb appeal, especially as it relates to resale value. Curb appeal also has the power to attract new customers while encouraging repeat visits, boosting customer loyalty.

A well-maintained lawn, colourful flowers, and thoughtfully placed elements like patios and seating areas create a welcoming ambiance that entices customers to enter and spend their precious dollars.

Stand out from the crowd

In today's competitive marketplace, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever. A distinctive and well-designed landscape can help differentiate your business from competitors.

By adding unique, beautiful and functional design elements such as patios, walkways, landscape lighting and signage, you create a memorable experience that sets your brand apart.

Create emotional connections

Landscaping has the power to evoke emotions and create positive associations with your brand. For example, dining on a patio surrounded by bistro lighting on a warm summer evening evokes feelings of festivity and adventure, leaving a lasting impression on customers' minds.  

Emotional connections like this build loyalty and make customers more likely to recommend your business to others.

Earn premium rental rates

When you invest in landscaping to improve the aesthetics of your property, people are willing to pay more for the prestige that comes from living, working or shopping there. 

It’s why people buy designer handbags, luxury cars and spend money on five-star resorts. It’s not necessarily about the products or services… it’s about the feeling we get when owning or surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. Brand perception is everything.

Harness the power of landscaping to promote your brand’s image

The role of landscaping in creating a positive brand image for businesses shouldn’t be underestimated. From making a memorable first impression to reflecting brand values and fostering emotional connections, a well-designed and well-maintained landscape can significantly contribute to building a strong and positive brand identity. 

By investing in your outdoor space, you enhance the visual appeal of your property while providing an exceptional customer experience. If you’d like help maintaining your current space or creating new space to reflect your brand, simply book a consultation.  

Then get ready to create a landscape that attracts clients, builds trust, and shows off your company's pride from the outside in!