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Give Your Backyard a Whole New Look

See how these homeowners transformed their outdoor space…

Older neighborhoods can be full of charm and character, with mature trees and an ambiance that many people find appealing. But older homes — and their yards — often need updating to create a more modern ambiance and make the space more functional. 

That was the predicament our clients found themselves in. They loved everything about their home in an older, established neighbourhood. Everything, that is, but their outdated backyard. The deck was no longer functional — it was rotting and much too small to entertain their large circle of friends. 

It was time for an upgrade… so they turned to us to help. See how we transformed this backyard — despite some unique challenges — and be inspired to create your own outdoor oasis! 

Start with a solid design

Investing in design services before you begin construction is the best way to ensure your new yard optimizes the available space and includes all the elements on your wishlist. 

Having a design plan to follow will also include items you hadn’t thought of, such as identifying underlying drainage issues or where to put plumbing or power lines. 

Out with the old…

Before work can begin on the new design, you need to remove any features that are worn out or not part of the new landscape design. If you are going to be doing any extensive excavation, you should “call before you dig” — the neighbours won’t be too pleased if you cut off their electricity or sever their cable!

Once the old features have been properly disposed of, you’ll need to prepare the landscape for the new design. This means ensuring your yard is properly graded, resolving drainage issues, and installing plumbing or electrical, if needed. 

You’ll also need to obtain any permits needed and arrange for an inspection of the utilities. This is something we typically do for our clients. 

While designing this project was straightforward, we did experience some difficulties with tight access to the backyard since it was such an established neighbourhood. This is something you need to consider if you’re planning to upgrade your property yourself. 

… in with the new.

Our clients were looking for an outdoor space that was functional and would provide plenty of space to relax and entertain family and friends. Top on their list was a new deck that spanned the entire back of the house, accommodating a recently added back door and providing easy access to their new hot tub.

Decks can be made from pressure-treated lumber or composite decking — in this case, the homeowners went with composite decking. This material gave their space the contemporary look they were after while eliminating the need for expensive and time-consuming maintenance. 

Surface lighting was included in the deck to add a touch of luxury and provide a warm ambiance while keeping everyone safe.

The homeowners wanted to make their new deck feel like an extension of their home. They also needed something to give them shade and shield their guests from the hot summer sun — and adding a stylish pergola to the design was exactly what the space needed.  

The pergola was constructed using Douglas fir because of its strength and durability, as well as its natural resistance to decay and rot. 

The final step… enjoying the new space!

The homeowners wasted no time "moving in" to their new backyard. They added their own special touches — including stylish furniture, cheerful hanging baskets and bistro lights — to give the space a cozy ambiance that feels like home.  

And as soon as construction was over, they had their neighbours over for a fun and relaxing evening!

Does your yard need a fresh new look?

If you’ve lived in your home for a while, or have just moved into a home in an older, established area, chances are your backyard could use some updates to make it feel more inviting. Maybe your patio is cracked and uneven, making it a tripping hazard or perhaps the fence is sagging and missing a few boards. 

Or, like the clients we talked about in this post, you just want your backyard to be more functional so you can relax and entertain guests in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Whatever your issue with your yard, we’d love to help you. Just book a consultation and tell us about your project. Your dream backyard is well within your grasp.